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Online Bingo Which Site is for You!!

Believe it or not play online bingo and you will be riding the next wave of Internet excitement. After taking America by storm online Bingo is set to do the same here in the UK. The aim of this site is to show you which sites are offering the best deals but more importantly which sites are offering you the user the best online bingo experience.

Which Site for You!

Bingo has never really been about gambling it's Success derives from it's community based activity of creating and winning new friends.

The advantages of online bingo are so apparent, you don't have to go out on a cold winter's evening you can sit in the comfort of your own home and chat with all your online friends from all over the globe and still win at bingo.

Never played bingo, not a problem. Visit our how to play bingo page you'll be off and running in no time.

There are lots of online Bingo sites and most of them are pretty good. They nearly all offer the same features, such as online chat, multi games etc.

Like all things there are good sites and there are Great Sites, we aim to bring you the sites that fall into the latter with household names that you know you can trust.

Firstly not all bingo is the same, do you prefer to play the standard English 90 Ball Bingo this is the game you find in your local bingo hall or would you rather play the American 75 Ball Bingo. Don't worry we have both types to recommend to you.

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Online Bingo a Game of Probabilities


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Online Bingo is the latest online entertainment available in the Internet. Fun, Excitement and Community are the three main attributes of online bingo.

Similar to land based bingo, players buy bingo cards with pre-determined numbers. A particular pattern for each bingo game is chosen as the reference.

Cards can be manually or automatically marked (daubed) according to the randomly computer generated numbers called. The first player(s) who correctly matches the specified pattern has bingo.

The Bingo will automatically register within the bingo system, even if the player is away from the computer or loses their Internet connection.

Bingo prize comes from a pot made up of the purchase sales of bingo cards from each game.

Online bingo is a game of probabilities. The more cards one purchases, the higher the probability one can win. The more cards there are in the purchase of a particular game, the higher the jackpot of the game will be.

Most importantly, online bingo is a community based entertainment. While playing bingo, one can also stay in the chat room to communicate with other bingo players. There are Chat Moderators offering chat room games also for the online players to participate. One can win more prizes on top of the bingo prizes.